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Boiler Installation, Boiler Replacement, Boiler Servicing and Boiler Maintenance in LondonWhen a boiler breaks down, it can cause a huge inconvenience to you and your family. It’s a problem that needs correcting fast. DRMB Plumbing provides emergency and non-emergency boiler installation, servicing and repairs to homes throughout London.

Replacing your boiler may seem a big expense at first, but if you look at the bigger picture, old boilers actually burn more fuel, which in turn costs more money (and has more of a negative effect on the environment). Many homes throughout London are investing in new and innovative boiler installations which are more energy efficient - they bring down the cost of the property owner’s heating bills and considerably reduce their carbon footprint.

A boiler’s efficiency is rated on its capacity to convert gas to heat. The higher the percentage, the greater the efficiency. Having a boiler with less than 80% efficiency calls for a replacement. As per the SEDBUK ratings (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in UK), boiler efficiency is graded on a 7 point scale of A to G; A rated boilers come with more than 90 % efficiency, while the G rated ones are the least efficient. Modern combi boilers come with an efficiency rating that’s greater than 97%.

No hidden fees for boiler services!

Over the years DRMB Plumbing has come to be one of the most trusted plumbing and heating companies in London, so you can rely on us to provide the most cost-effective boiler servicing options. Our costing is absolutely transparent and you only ever pay what you see on our estimate. No hidden or extra costs are involved. If you are worried about the costs for your boiler service in London, speak to one of our friendly advisors who will put your mind at ease.

Boiler Services in London

Boiler replacement, repairing and maintenance services in BromleyTo ensure your boiler stays in good condition it needs to be maintained and serviced periodically. Regular maintenance helps to locate hidden faults and isolate potential defects, ensuring that you are in no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

As well as installing and repairing boilers, DRMB can carry out routine boiler maintenance and servicing in London. Our heating and plumbing engineers are all Gas Safety Registered and fully trained to carry out services on all kinds of boilers. Gas safety validity certificates will be issued by one of our engineers that will inform you that your boiler is safe and conforms to the current health and safety regulations.


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